artwork by eric kirchberg
dodge street bar & grill
photography by andrew browning
it's kind of a hip hop groove thang!
fran's "little guitar" homepage  
remember, patience is a virtue!
who needs to deal with a
psychotic bass player anyway?
the lee harvey band site
nothing about this band is relaxing
and when god isn't furious with him,
the rest of us are
old time drummin' buddy april gerrish!
sign up for the special olympics of punk
robin lore rocks!
what'd that kid say?
and he said it on a guitar!

artists & photography
musicians etc...
premier portrats
fran mcconville jr.
dodge street
andrew browning
lee harvey
  the relaxers
  spike emerson
  the beat preachers
  savin ill
  zippo raid
  robin lore
  eric reardon
  wicked hawt
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